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Technical Consulting

Hitachi provides service of solutions to customer's problem by using abundant experience, knowledge and recent technologies.

Equipment Diagnosis

In general, condition of machine is easily confirmed by daily checking of machine, archive of operating log, operating circumstances. But Hitachi's advanced diagnosis technologies are able to inspect the progress of machine deterioration more strictly and quantitatively.

Saving Energy and Operation Cost

We propose improvements based on energy conservation diagnosis to meet our customers' requests. We are also actively involved in environmental preservation and recycling activities.

Spare Parts Supply

Genuine parts supplied by original manufacturer of Hitachi are very important for achieving stable and safe operation of machines. In order to prevent machines from aging and extend life period of machines, Hitachi is able to promote improvement of parts modernization such as upgrade of materials and configurations.


Hitachi's repairing technologies able to perform economical maintenance and reduce machine downtime.


Hitachi can suggest master plan and methods of overhauling machine to customers with a point of view from machine's reliability and economic aspects.

Maintenance Service Contracts

Hitachi can provide several services such as Spare parts inventory control, Analysis of archive of operating log data, Troubleshooting, Activities of planning of overhaul and Preparation of maintenance records under condition of maintenance contract agreement with customer, All maintenance activities that are supplied by Hitachi do not only enable customers to reduce unexpected accidents and troubles, but also it can be useful for customer's preventive maintenance activities.


Hitachi offers various services based on advanced technologies and abundant experience and knowledge for the purpose of preventive maintenance of machines.