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Toward the goal of steady and continuous operation of equipment and facilities

In general condition of machine is easily confirmed by daily checking of machine, archive of operating log, operating circumstance. But Hitachi's advanced diagnosis technologies are able to inspect the progress of machine deterioration more strictly and quantitatively.

Our experts apply the dingnosis technologies to a lot of equipment shown below.

Photograph: View noise generation investigation
Spectrum analysis of electric power supply

Photograph: View of wall thinning investigation
Measuring of wall thickness of vessel by using Ultrasonic Inspection diagnosis detector

Diagnosis Technology

Ultrasonic corrosion diagnosis

Hitachi's ultrasonic diagnosis can inspect corrosion progress inside of vessels and equipment without dismantling. Also this inspection is availabele during machine running and operating.

  • Estimating carrion condition of cast iron and carbon steel by using a master evaluation curve created based on the characteristics of ultrasonic diagnosis detector.
  • Corroded condition (area and depth) and wall thickness is visually displayed on monitor
  • Ultrasonic diagnosis system is consisted of potable PC and handy type detector, which is optimal for onsite working.

Diagnosis equipment appearance

Photograph: Diagnosis equipment appearance

Major specifications

Original exclusive software for corrosion diagnosis
To be detected: Cast iron (FC), carbon steel (SS)
Wall thickness: 10-50 mm
Wall thickness resolution: 0.2 mm

Measurement principles

Image: Illustration of measurement principles

Pulsation analysis of piping systems (reciprocating compressors)

Hitachi improves piping vibration trouble caused by pressure pulsation from reciprocating compressors.

  • Analysis of piping vibration
  • Performance problem caused by compressor's valve malfunction
  • Analysis of instability of safety relief valve


  • Vibration simulation and analysis for improvement of high vibration
  • Pulsation analysis of piping system is available for both Hitachi reciprocating compressors and other supplier's.

Image: Pulsation analysis method for piping systems

Other Diagnosis technologies

  • Vibration & acoustic diagnosis of rotating equipments
  • Vibration analysis of large elastic structures
  • Analysis of vibration and noise pollution
  • Analysis of acoustic pressure and acoustic energy
  • Vibration analysis of general machines and constructions
  • Hydraulic dynamic vibration analysis
  • Measuring vibration and torque of driver equipments
  • Measuring strain of equipments
  • Oil characteristics analysis and ware condition checking of bearings
  • Water analysis
  • Defected fracture or surface inspection
  • Estimation and simulation of piping vibration
  • Metallurgical microscope inspection
  • Other chemical analysis