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Way of performing of Preventive Maintenance

Periodical maintenance activities are the foundation of preventive maintenance.
Hitachi provides technical consulting, equipments diagnosis, genuine parts supply, technical field service, shop repairing and maintenance archive management service. If our maintenance services are able to execute under contract bases, customer can eliminate unexpected accident of machine, minimize downtime of machine and also it can be realize more economical and operation.

Benefit of Maintenance Service Contracts

  • Technical consulting for maintenance activities
  • Technical consulting for troubleshooting
  • Technical consulting for modernization, retrofit, upgrade
  • Technical consulting for economic analysis and safe operation
  • Preventing unexpected accident and trouble of machines
  • Rapid repair and rapid parts supplies
  • Observation survey service

Contracts of Maintenance Service

Hitachi service engineers visit plant and perform periodical checking and inspection to the machine.
These maintenance service activities are executed in accordance with government regulations and customer's specifications.

The result of maintenance activities such as operating logs and measuring records will be taken into the computerized maintenance archive management system by Hitachi. And result of these activities will be reported to customer by Hitachi. Also these information and reports will be utilized for the future maintenance activities and plan of modernization and retrofit of machine.

Performance of machines and mechanical running condition of machines are measured and reported by Hitachi service engineer rapidly.