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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Pump system

We build optimal systems for pump equipment using a range of simulation technologies.

Hydraulic and control system interaction simulation

We simulate the transitional flow of water in pipeline and channels and the effects of the control of pumps and valves in real-time. We can check the reasonability of equipment planning and control methods in advance, even for complex systems.

Summary of long-distance transport channels

Image: Long-distance water channel
Long-distance water channel

Water is pumped to a location several dozen kilometers from the pumping station. When controlling the prescribed flow rates of locations A and B at the distributary facility, the effects of the valve opening changes at the distributary facility reach the pumping stations late, so control is difficult. Consequently, pump capacity and control methods the planning must be investigated at the planning stage.

Summary of underground drainage systems

Image: Underground discharge channel
Underground discharge channel

When using a underground drainage system, if the pump capacities and start-up timing are incorrect, water levels will drop suddenly and start-up and shutdown of the pumps will be repeated. Consequently, pump capacity and control methods the planning must be investigated at stage.

Analysis summary

  • We simulate hydraulic transients generated in the pipeline system and evaluate the pipeline system of the pump.
  • We simulate the water hammer phenomenon in long-distance pipeline.
  • We simulate codependent open/shut systems for discharge channels and underground rivers.
  • We use hydraulic analysis and control linking to evaluate pump operation and control methods.

Main applications

  • Long-distance water channels for pump equipment