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Using our new technology will reduce your construction costs and improve the reliability of your equipment. Some of our main technologies are listed below.

  Summary Effect Details
Lightweight pumps Pump weight is reduced by using rated steel as the pump material instead of cast iron. Main pump unit become lightweight Details
High-speed, compact pumps Increasing the speed and flow velocity of the pump makes it possible to have a more compact, lightweight pump. Main pump unit become compact and lightweight Details
High flow velocity in suction channels Using a closed pit increases the flow velocity of the suction channels. Suction channels become more compact (Shorten the width of the channels and make the depth shallower) Details
Standby operation pump The pump can be started up regardless of what the water level in the suction sump is, so the pump can stand by full speed for flooding. Eases rapid rises in water level, and eliminates the frequent starting and stopping Details