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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Pump system


We have an extensive line-up of pumps for various applications, including pumps for transporting drinking water, rainwater drainage, sewage treatment, and irrigation, as well as high-temperature, high-pressure water supply pumps for thermal power stations and nuclear power stations.

Category list by type

Field Type of liquid handled, etc. Pump type Application
Clean industrial water supply River water city water treatment water SP, DV
Drawing in and transporting river water
Transporting, increasing the pressure of, and supplying city water
Sewer systems Sewage/rainwater Drain/sewer water AP, SP, SPS
Rainwater drainage
Transporting and draining sewer water
Irrigation Water for irrigation DV, OV, OT, GM Pumping and transporting of water for irrigation
Drainage River water AP, SP, SPS Drainage behind river levees
Agriculture Water for agriculture AP, SP, DV Pumping and transporting water for agriculture
Power station Circulating water system SP,SPS Drawing in condenser cooling water
Condensing and water supply systems GM, BGM, BSP, DV,DT Water supply to boiler
Water supply to nuclear reactor
Component cooling water system DV, SP Supply for component cooling water
Emergency cooling water BDV, BDH Emergency cooling
Transporting LNG BGM Transporting liquefied natural gas
  • * SP: Semi-axial flow pump
  • * DV: Double-suction volute pump
  • * OV: Overhang volute pump
  • * AP: Axial flow pump
  • * SPS: Spiral-type semi-axial flow pump
  • * OT: Overhang-type volute turbine pump
  • * BGM: Barrel-type multi-stage turbine pump
  • * BSP: Barrel -type semi-axial flow pump
  • * BDV: Barrel-type double-suction volute pump
  • * DT: Double-suction volute turbine pump
  • * BDH: Horizontal barrel-type double-suction volute pump

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