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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Pump system

Reduced weight with an all-steel vertical-shaft semi-axial flow pump

The pump weight can be reduced by using steel instead of cast iron.

Photograph: Example of an all-steel vertical-shaft semi-axial flow pump
<Example of an all-steel vertical-shaft semi-axial flow pump>


Comparison to the cast-metal vertical-shaft semi-axial flow pump

  1. Lighter and cost reduction (Effective in earthquake-resistant design.)
  2. The amount of CO2 emissions can be controlled in the manufacturing process
  3. Faster delivery date
  4. Superior strength and rigidity
  5. Very easy to maintain

(In-house comparison)

Improvement points

Conventional pumps have been often made of cast iron, but these lightweight pumps are made of steel.
The material for the pump must be determined taking the variations in pump performance due to differences in material, the differences in corrosion resistance, and cost-effectiveness into account.

Application range

Image: Standard application range
Standard application range

  • * Contact us for the specifications concerning the above application range.