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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. Fans & BlowersFans & Blowers

Fans & Blowers

Photograph: Fans & Blowers

We manufacture large axial-flow fans to maintain the environment in tunnels, variable pitch blade axialflow fans suitable for thermal power stations, and blowers for aeration in sewage treatment plants, and provide a line-up with various products to suit the customer's needs.


Scope of application

This shows the range of flow rates and pressures for the fans and blowers provided by Hitachi.

Fan & Blower type by application

This shows Hitachi's products by application.

Product line-up (Fans)

This provides an introduction to the products used for tunnel ventilation plants.

Product line-up (Blowers)

This provides an introduction to blowers used for sewage aeration.


This provides an introduction to renewal technology for fan and blower products.