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We have 2 types of overhung compressors in our line-up.

Photograph: Overhung centrifugal compressors

Process centrifugal compressors are the heart of various kinds of plants, and they are required to be highly reliable. Also, customers throughout the world trust us to provide efficiency compressors that use high-efficiency impellers that we've developed.
Overhung compressors have a structure with a single-stage impeller, and gas is drawn in along the axial direction. We have 2 types of overhung compressors in our line-up.


High reliability

We have a long history arising from our technology cultivated over many years combined with new technology.
We have adopted a unique automatic computer design system that has proven to be highly reliable.

High efficiency

We use a high-efficiency 3D impeller that we developed.
Our compressors have high efficiency at the top level in the world, and are also compact and lightweight.

Main applications

Mainly used for EO/EG plants, propylene plants, and other chemical plants.

Photograph: POB-CH

Photograph: POB-CH