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Balancing wide operating range and high efficiency

Photograph: Centrifugal compressors for gas pipelines

Gas pipeline compressors are used to transport natural gas from the wellhead to a power station or other demand location through a pipeline. Our 3D impeller allows us to achieve both a wide operating range and high efficiency, so it is possible to flexibly respond to seasonal fluctuations in gas flow rates, which contributes to energy conservation.


High reliability

We have a long history arising from our technology cultivated over many years combined with new technology.
Since the 1970s we have adopted a unique automatic computer design system that has proven to be highly reliable.

High efficiency

We use a high-efficiency 3D impeller that we developed.
Our compressors have high efficiency at the top level in the world, and are also compact and lightweight.

Main applications

These are used for transporting natural gas through pipelines.

Image: 3D CAD drawing
3D CAD drawing

Image: CAD drawing
CAD drawing