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A FPSO is a floating production system that receives fluids(crude oil,water and a host of other things) from a subsea reservoir. The compressor for FPSO requires small footprint, quake resistance and others in addition to high discharge pressure.
Hitachi compressors are contented these with new technology.
Hitachi cooperates to global FPSO Project, with our products.

Unit module

Compressor skid

FPSO : Floating Production, Storage and Offloading system


Hitachi offers “Ultra High Pressure Centrifugal Compressor” (Design of reinjection up to 550[barA] discharge pressure.
Applying new casing construction design to this compressor, “Compact” & “Light” design is the salient feature.(-25% lighter than conventional machine.)
Full Load & Full Speed Test can be done in factory facility to verify integrity of the machine including stability of rotor.

Delivery record

Client : MODEC Offshore Production System Pte. Ltd.(Singapore)
End User : OSX Leading S.A.
Project : FPSO-OSX3
Service : MP and HP Compressor

[ Compressor Specification ]
Model BCH456 (MP)
2BCH358/B (HP)
Gas Handled CH4+
Discharge Pressure 20,516[kPaA]
Operation started December, 2013
[ Key Features ]
Short Delivery 11months
Complete assembly in one package Minimizing the site work
Compressor skid Compact and well organized