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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Medium Voltage Multi-level IGBT Drives

Rubber and Plastic

Hitachi has delivered more than one hundred HIVECTOL inverters for rubber mixer drive systems to major tire manufacturers. Major tire manufacturers in the world enjoy higher productivity and profitability.
Hitachi has also delivered more HIVECTOL inverters for agitators, pelletizers, extruders and more applications which require high starting torque and high intermittent torque in their operation.

Water and Waste Water

Hitachi has delivered hundreds of drives for variable speed control of pumps in water and waste water treatment facilities.


Hitachi has delivered hundreds of rolling mill drives all over the world. Their high reliability and performance are proven and well known in the metal industry.
Hitachi has delivered a number of fan drives for energy saving in this industry.

Oil and Gas

Replacing a mechanical drive with an AC motor drive for compressors. A motor drive is well suited for energy and maintenance cost savings and delivers better performance with precise drive control.


HIVECTOL inverters are used not only for various fan drives but also for rotary kiln drives in the cement industry. HIVECTOL inverters help slash energy and maintenance costs.

Thermal Power Generation

Optimization of drive speeds of ID Fans and FD Fans for boiler combustion facilities significantly save energy consumption.
Hitachi has delivered HIVECTOL inverters for such applications to large utilities for many years.

Nuclear Power Generation

Hitachi has delivered reactor internal pump drives for years.