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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. Medium Voltage Multi-level IGBT DrivesMedium Voltage Multi-level IGBT Drives

New small capacity type has been added, which is the smallest in class and all in one structure, by leading edge technology of power electronics product design and advanced motor control.

Medium Voltage Multi-level IGBT Drives "HIVECTOL-HVI"

Over 80 Years of Experience in Variable Speed Drives

Based on lengthy experience in drive systems for steel rolling mills, Hitachi supplies AC drive systems to various industry applications including mixers and extruders for the plastics and rubber industry, induced and forced draft fans for thermal power plants, pumps for water purification plants and water and waste water treatment facifities, and fans and blowers for general applications.
Mega power AC drives also have applied to wind mill power converters, dump truck drives for mining industry, compressor drives for oil & gas industry and propulsion drives for ice breaker ships.

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