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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Medium Voltage Multi-level IGBT Drives

1910 The first products of HITACHI
Hitachi was founded in 1910 as an electrical repairshop for a mining company and succeeded in the first domestic manufacture of three 5 HP motors as the company's first products.

1933 Ward Leonard Drives for steel rolling mills delivered    
1958 Mercury-arc Rectifier applied Ward Leonard Drives for steel rolling mills delivered  
1973 DC drive controls, HILECTOL, delivered

DC Motor to AC Motor Drives
1982 The world's first Digital Thyrister Leonard Drives delivered

1986 Medium Voltage AC Drives for steel rolling mills delivered

1995 20MVA GTO Drives for steel rolling mills delivered

Direct Inverter Controls
1999 Medium Voltage Multi-level IGBT Drives, HIVECTOL-HVI, delivered

2001 8MVA HIVECTOL-HVI for utility thermal power plants delivered

2004 Multi-level IGBT drive production started in China  
2007 30MVA IGBT Drives for steel rolling mills delivered

2009 30MVA 5-Level water cooled IGBT Drives for industry application  

-All photos and illustrations in the catalog may be different from the actual product due to product improvement.
-The pictures in this catalog are inland composite images.


Power Source and Machine Friendly

  • Current harmonic at the power source conforms the IEEE 519-1992 guidelines without line side harmonic filters.
  • Multi-level PWM approximates output waveforms to sine curves and reduces motor insulation stress.
  • Multi-winding isolation transformer and diode converter help achieve a power factor of 0.95 or better.

State-of-the-art Technology and High Performance

  • Stable operation is assured for applications needing high starting torque and high intermittent torque.
  • Patented “external pre-charging method” helps reduce the parts count and down time.
  • Automatic restarting function helps continuous operation in cases of instant power failure.
  • Motor Speed accuracy is ±0.5% at the rated 100% speed without a speed sensor device.
    (±0.1% with speed sensor device)

High Reliability

  • IGBT, the most reliable, available and widely installed power semiconductors in industry are used.
  • Quality production in manufacturing eliminates human error during manufacturing.
  • “Realtime simulator” helps prevent axial vibration and minimize the commissioning period.

Operator Friendly

  • Large touch-screen panel shows easy-to-understand information and assures user friendly operation.
  • Windows ® PC based maintenance software is supplied by Hitachi for user friendly operation.