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The main applications include pumps for city water, sewage pipes, river water, irrigation water, and water for electric power circulation (cooling water).


Photograph: Vertical-Shaft Axial Flow Pump (AP-V)

The shaft of the pump is vertical and best suited for medium and large capacities.

Features and Main Applications


  1. Since the impeller is under the surface of the suction liquid, full-capacity water-level operation is not required, making the pump perfect for automation.
  2. A vertical drive shaft configuration and a drive that is installed in the upper part of the pump allow the vertical type to be installed in a smaller area than the horizontal-shaft type.

(In-house comparison)

Main applications

  • The head ranges from 1-7 m, and the pump is suited for large-capacity discharging.
  • Pumping agricultural water, river drainage, rainwater drainage, transporting sewer water, transporting irrigation water
  • Cooling water for the electric power industry and industrial plants

Range of application of the vertical-shaft axial flow pump

Image: Range of application of the vertical-shaft axial flow pump
Range of application graph for the vertical-shaft axial flow pump