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As computer systems and equipment life, systematic maintenance and updates ranging from control to equipment are required so that the entire system operates safely. We offer a variety of updates that respond to the operation and usage conditions of the customer.

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Computer systems and control equipment updates

Generally as the product life cycle for computers shortens, it becomes more difficult to procure computer maintenance parts as the years pass. Systematic updates for computer systems and control equipment are essential. We can help with system updates regardless of your company's delivery site.


  • Updating and improving functions of computer systems (Linking to other companies’ equipment is possible)
  • Control devices (equipment controllers, control panels, etc.)

Updating equipment

Equipment not only degrades over time, but how the equipment itself is used changes (because the status of the equipment changes according to the business structure of the customer). We provide advice for improving and updating equipment, ranging from complete equipment configuration changes to advice on working personnel changes, based on the scale of our customer's facility and the changes to our customer's business structure.


  • Updates for equipment units (stacker cranes, vehicles, AGVs, etc.)
  • Complete system updates (layout changes, equipment part updates, etc.)


Replace the required parts to ensure many years of use from the control equipment and equipment.

  • We recommend that the system be serviced on a regular basis.
  • The following are major replacement parts only, not a full list.

Image: Outline diagram