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We provide after-service for stable operation of the customer's system.
We provide consistent support from equipment maintenance to computer and software support.

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Equipment maintenance (inspection, maintenance, and part replacement)

Regular maintenance and repairs are effective means of preventative maintenance and extending service life.
Performing regular inspections makes systematic maintenance possible, and helps prevent problems before they occur.*
With part replacement, perform regular inspections and systematically replace worn parts during regular inspections.


  • Inspection and repairs of automatic warehouse
  • Inspection and repairs of transport equipment (sorters, conveyors, etc.)
  • Inspection and repairs of transport equipment (AGV, etc.)
Planning and maintenance is for long-term, stable operation of the system and is not a means of eliminating all problems associated with systems.

Control system maintenance (WMS support)

Computer maintenance supports software and hardware maintenance menus.


We provide service based on the customer's computer configuration and application.
On-site maintenance, send-back maintenance, preventive maintenance, other maintenance (data recovery, backups, etc.)


We provide services with the goal of smooth operation.
System failure restoration assistance, respond to various inquiries, remote maintenance

Improved performance

When doing system maintenance, we provide performance and function improvements and automation in addition to part updates, etc.


Shorter cycle time, more reliable, easier to use, etc.

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