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The LIMSORTER is a tray-type sorting equipped with linear motors.

LIMSORTER sorting system outline

The LIMSORTER is a sorting machine that uses linear motors' drive for high-speed, low-noise operation. Its configuration and structure also helps conserve space.


  1. low-noise
    Because it uses non-contact and direct driving motors, the operating noise is at the level of a typical office environment, despite its high speed.
  2. Superior reliability and ease of maintenance
    The non-contact drive linear motor has superior reliability and ease of maintenance.
  3. Optimized Layout
    A two-floor, 3D spiral stacked traveling route configuration is possible.
    You can use flexible layouts, which helps reduce wasted space.

(in-house comparison)

System Overview

Image: Outline diagram

Image: Two-level layout

Image: Corner usage

Image: Two-floor type


Transport speed: Max. 120 m/minute
Sorting capacity: Max.12,000 units/hour
Tilt angle for transport: Max. 30° (Sorting can be performed between floors and to the mezzanine)
Supply method: Automatic supply and manual feed
Chute system: Direct sorting to Oricon case/cardboard case, free-roller sorting, and work table sorting

Fields of application

Sorting of pieces for apparel goods, miscellaneous goods for daily use, food, beverages, postal items, newspaper stacks, etc. and case goods

Project examples

  • Distribution center for working wear, shoes
  • Joint distribution center for convenience stores