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Vibration Table

3D Vibration Table, 2D Vibration Table, Resonant Vibration Table

3D Vibration Table

Truly reproducing the 3D-6D of movement of earthquake it supports to study a seismic performance examination of structure and ground for earthquake-proof validation


2D Vibration Table

Simulating a long-period ground behavior at the earthquake with a long displacement (±1m) it supports a research and development of safety measure for the public.


Resonant Vibration Table

Resonant Vibration Table is excited through the spring from existing Vibration Table to enable max.20G acceleration test.

  • It can simulate a short period with a large accelerated vibration which was measured in the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.
  • It can contribute to an earthquake-proof safety improvement through the vibration till the ultimate state of nuclear equipment such as valves on the pipe expected structural resonance.


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