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We will support our customers' maintenance after the introduction of equipment. We recommend to plan it once or twice a year.

Test equipment is a system product consisting from machinery, ancillary facility, electrical equipment and measurement control device. Hitachi, as a professional manufacturer will support our customers' maintenance.

  1. A state-of-the-art IoT technology enables the following condition monitoring and warning detection :
    • Detect abnormality of test equipment by condition monitoring
    • Avoid unplanned shutdown and improve capability utilization by repairs and replacement in advance through warning detection
    • Reduce workload of maintenance by remote surveillance of abnormality warning and information of sensors
  2. Periodic maintenance enables the equipment to be operated always stable.
  3. In case of a problem we will respond quickly, and take appropriate measures to the equipment failure.
  4. We will support a planning for new testing needs.
  5. We will support an equipment maintenance planning.


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