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Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd.Hitachi Industrial Products, Ltd. Electric railroad transformersElectric railroad transformers

Electric railroad transformers

Regenerative power battery storage system (B-CHOP)

Stores power in batteries generated when trains brake; recovered power can be used when the train is under way.

Please contact Hitachi for information about the disposal of used storage batteries Hitachi provides.

ECH series Eco rectifier

This system uses a heat pipe cooling system filled with pure water; PFCs (refrigerants), a known contributor to global warming are not used.
The system supports heaterless operation down to -20C, and facilitates greater energy efficiency and space-saving.

  • Free of substances that contribute to global warming
  • Can be used in cold climates
  • 46% reduction in installation floor area (Hitachi ratio)

PFC : Perfluorocarbon

PWM converter

Overall performance of DC electromotive systems enhanced by means of DC electromotive voltage control with PWM converter that uses IGBT.
(Used by Tsukuba Express.)

  • DC electromotive voltage contact control
  • Power factor 1 operation
  • Low harmonics

PWM : Pulse Width Modulation
IGBT : Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor

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