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Photograph: Jet fan
Jet fan

Photograph: Ventilation control device
Ventilation control device

Effective and energy-efficient ventilation control is carried out based on data from measuring instruments installed in the tunnel, to optimally operate fans in accordance with the tunnel environment.


Compatible with various control methods that take the environment and energy efficiency into consideration

  1. Feedback (FB) control based on VI (visibility index) and CO (carbon monoxide) measurement values
  2. Feed-forward (FF) control that calculates the required amount of ventilation from the predicted traffic volume
  3. Fuzzy control that calculates the overall optimal ventilation based on the ventilation amount obtained from the predicted traffic volume and measured values

Key applications

Road tunnel ventilation control using jet fans and exhaust fans

  • Ensuring the environment inside tunnels (visibility, CO concentration)
  • Ensuring the environment near the tunnel exit